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Twin flame Galactic Art from Lyra

Twin flame Galactic Art from Lyra

Lyra is where everything began in this galaxy including human drama. We want you to know that we are apart of a genetic mix from all different races and from all different galaxies. The story of this connection is about a couple who started together as a Lyran and Pleidian couple who connected with the galactic center. This couple was very much connected when the lyran were shelters from the draconian war.

Initially they migrate to the plediedians with angelic connections and who are direct descendants from the Elohim. They had their connection with Lyran genetically mutated into Pleiadians in Pleone after a war of destruction where Lyra practically disappeared.

This couple learned to be very resilient and community was a very important part. In there timeline they were caretakers of the seeds of wisdom. Those seeds were like a physical book of the history of Lyra and you were the Guardian of your home history. When the choice was to create a new home, that home was in Pleiades.

Love travels without any and all limitation, throughout time and space, and when someone entrusts their heart to you they are giving you a piece of their soul. You cannot treat the soul casually. You must protect it, nurture it and handle it with immense care and sacredness.

Be grateful for this connection even though sometimes it pushes and challenges you to grow, it does this because it knows that you are your beloved and know that in every connection- family, friendship, love and marriage,- is about pure growth through love and development.

Each relationship nurtures and allows growth and is nurtured as a baby would be nourished. With the purest love that can have and relates to all colors of and beyond the spectrum you can visibly see with your eyes in human form.

Souls travel together to reconnect and remember each other when they come together to share, learn and grow in this adventure

In that memory they learn together to be sensual, to love each other, to be patient and to heal together the karma that has been created in other timelines

When you are attracted to the way things are, it makes it very difficult to put your faith in anything else. It then causes you to not trust yourself to risk experiencing anything other then what you already know. Limiting you, your beloved and your growth, together in love. Let go and open your heart to

The possibility that there is something Great waiting for you and for all reading this message in love,

Instead of running from what you don’t want, walk with your commitment towards what you desire. Focus on where you are going rather than being obsessed with where you have been and ask yourself why you have been holding on so tight be true to yourself

Feel attracted to love and be patient in the moments when it is not easy to connect knowing that those hearts are infinitely connected throughout eternity.

In the game of love the important thing is not to win but to enjoy the play, enjoy playing with love, knowing that you will win in love in one way or another, and as long as you are alive you will always win.

A spiritually grounded lifestyle provides a process for living. It prescribes routines, which foster the development of discipline,

Be disciplined in love for yourself and love as a couple that exalts your traveling soul.

Process also eveokes purposeful preparation patience persistence and reliance upon the natural order of the divine rather than the random acts of people. A spiritual awareness of consciousness reminds you of your connection to all and your oneness with god.

Life is about seeking, searching and discovering. In order to grow we must question challenge and ultimately find solid ground in our spiritual quest.

Loving is not something we do to it for other people. It is a blessing a gift we give to ourselves.

With love always, my love

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