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Twin flame light Codes & a Reading

Souls that love each other at the spirit level. Your guides show me how spirits intertwine in an ethereal dance of love, a magical encounter where our souls recognize each other without the need for looks or words.

The energy when drawing is as if between dreams in the world of the spirit they help each other, search for each other and converge through time and space. At this level I observe how a bond has been found that transcends the physical, a bond that is nourished in the deepest part of our essence. That is what this image is inspiring me to express in the codes.

This love is lived physically in many parallel lives and in this one it is like an agreement of mutual cooperation at a sublime level of spiritual connection. 

Where each note resonates with the certainty that our souls are intertwined in a shared destiny beyond any condition.

Although our physical presences have not yet crossed paths in this life, the beat of our hearts resonates in perfect harmony.

There is a huge movement on the relationships are, trust you path and let Love to Guide you.

This is not easy to explain but at that level there is no mistake, it is how I said the mission of loving each other is it! So I ask what is the mission? just to confirm my intuition. The guides say. "Being love in an eternal transformation into love." I ask, is there anything physically that represents a mission? They tell me that it is working on the karma of romantic love separately and collaborative support at the level of the spirit. That contributes to providing a stable foundation for the lives in which they converge.

We physically put conditions on love. However, this drawing represents that point of return to unconditional love in this journey we call life.

How each couple decides to write their journey is the free will in which souls have found a home in each other, a connection that defies the limitations of time and space. Even without knowing if the path of the physical will unite them, our union is a tribute to the power of pure and deep love.

That this connection is spiritual allows you to avoid creating mutual karma in order to transcend what has already been created and keep the flame of this love alive.

Although tomorrow is a blank canvas, I trust that the universe conspires in our favor, weaving invisible threads that bring us closer and closer.

May this message inspire and strengthen the spiritual bond of that couple, reminding them that love, regardless of the physical circumstances when loving, is a powerful bond that can transcend any distance.

Meditation is the most blissful way to listen and invite Divine to guide you creating space to align with your best self. 

Light Language & 5th Dimension Alignment | Raising your Frequency

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Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
Dec 27, 2023

Beautiful information sweet Grethel 🙏❣️ I really Loveee It ❤️💓♥️♥️💓💓❣️

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