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Can the Future be predicted?

I had a channeling yesterday where my client's future guide explained to us between destiny and the freedom to create your reality.

"Your Creation is individual and shared. So that the infinite can be understood, we can say that The new future is destined in vibrations organized in Dimensions. That is the Map of your soul.

On the map of your soul, each dimension is a state that you are aware of and we call that a timeline. That is coordinated and intertwined with each other you in the law that says that we are all one. And consequently One who is One all with the One in All."

How my client and I understood it is that, if we are not all in the same thing, however, we converge on the same thing at times.

We have a percentage of freedom of creation according to the rules established by the divine order according to the dimension and state of consciousness so the Divine order always exists.

Of course there are loops, which come into perfect synchronization with the harmony of the Creator.

To summarize, you changed it, yes, for another reality that is more harmonious with your version of reality.

What do you think?

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All my gratitude, Grethel

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Ark1 1
Ark1 1
Mar 16

Hi yes I think the future can be predicted we go through patterns as humans and how we relate and react to changes on our planet our place in the solar system galaxy and universe is something that constantly changes with advances in space flight our opportunities to explore further become more likely and with it the possibility of finding life on other planets etc it is likely we will fully explore the oceans on Earth soon too Robotics will be the key to this which we are making vast strides in this discipline food supply will likely to be solved by at least the 2100 date with crops having higher yields and aquaculture allowing more people to subsistently live…

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