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Arcturus light codes and Meditation activation | Who are Arturians as starseeds?

When I see someone, I see beyond their face. My third eye opens when I'm in psychic mode. During sessions or when people send me photos to make codes, the alien part of me comes out. It is as if the face changes shape and other faces appear on top of it in a very delicate and soft way that is not always perceived by others. What have I learned in the Akashic Records sessions?

That there are different sizes of beings; usually tall and short ones in the spectrum between red-orange and purple. These beings are best doctors and they vibrate in this timeline at 7D+ and beyond. They are grouped into groups of 44, 111 to infinity and summarized they are like galactic angels if you want to know if you are an Arcturian starseed then meditate because it's the easiest way to know."

Align in a Arcturus light language vortex of positive energy and manifestation energy.

When you looks at this code feel the peace coming through, let it refresh your mind and body and if you feel guided use the meditation i am attaching to have a wonderful new day.

Their energy is powerful and yet soothing. Light Language would guide you through a brief five minutes activation.

Where you can connect with Source and really set the energy for your day.

The code and meditation would facilitate that you can allow Source to flow through you so you can tune in and receive what you is available for you.

Light codes create the vibrant, abundant, well-filled day you desire.

you can find it on my YouTube channel @encodedfrequency

Shed a light

You can read more in my blog at

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Ark1 1
Ark1 1
Apr 22

I feel that the Arcturians resonate quite similarly with the Blue Avian beings the Bird like beings who first took light form on Lyra Avyon planet then evolved to become more bird like etc 😀💛👍☀️🌟


Ark1 1
Ark1 1
Mar 19

Thanks for this Arcturian energy really connect with it thanks 💛😀👍☀️⭐️💫

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