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Arcturus Light Language Codes | Making Contact

The transformation starts in ourselves! And there’s an ease way to shift! find peace in your Meditation today.

You have the power and that power is to choose to be in the light! Live is the most powerful force in this universe. Meditation is time you take to live yourself more.

Spirituality is a journey to find the answers within and transform the universe outside. That journey begins by flowing through love and being aware of that power within you! The power of the light!

We are all called to be part of this world changing, knowing we are the power we have been seeking and we are the solution we where holding to find.

"Today we can find alignment, where you feel you can express yourself freely and my favorite tool it is Meditation."

A light language guided meditation is a simple way to clear the aura and bring harmony with whatever feels heavy to face.

What kind of world are you creating?
Are you giving the best you can? Take a moment and get it together as you find peace.

Breath light and align with peace and The mire you do it the more loving you will feel

The beauty of the breath and light language combined is that you can do it all the time.

Take long, deep breaths to replenish the energy within you

Light Language Realignment Meditation

you can find it on my YouTube channel @encodedfrequency

Shed a light

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