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Peaceful towards others means peace for ourselves

✨👽Arcturus Codes and Meditation 👽

Today choose peace and a simple practice is to dropped problems instead of escalating them and choose to find a center of peace and light within and realizing we are making a lot of our nothing

The mantra for today is no big deal!

Is all an illusion so let’s choose our illusions gentleness in our practice abs in our live helps us you ascend abs open to divine and the universe

It helps us to reunite with the light Ana meditation is a formal way you can get choose to be comfortable with the light

Let the breath to relax you and the powerful Arcturus light language Heal the Chakras to balance you, and help you remove negative blocks as you sleep. 😴

The 111 Hz healing music and combination of an eraser for subconscious thoughts are all you need to feel safe tonight. 🌕

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