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Storytelling - Spiritual Dimension and Guidance - Crystal Queen ~ Creation  This is a very special drawing that takes us to the magic of the Elemental beings that are the energy of the miracle, the plenitude is inviting us to create by intertwining the vibration that only amazes and the frequency that only wants to feel the amazement. . When wonder meets amazement,  that's real magic!!! When the dream is real and reality a dream. The wonderful fairies will be the ones with ideas about what they could build and enthusiasm is the fuel to go out and discover what they want and make it happen. In the creation, the structure builds with flow and the flow adapts to re-create magic in wonder.A moment of amazement is how much your light of God is greeted through the loving divinity to another light and something or someone else and that is when the magic of creation can be anything! Trying to manifest something is forcing it and that turns off the magic, the wonder of living and co-creating in sync with the universe. The ideas of the spirit and His creations, these small crystalline semi-physical, generate a light of ideas that are the Immaculate Conception that the crystal fairies of wonder impregnated themselves to let creation be, constantly pouring out love so that manifestation would be born from their spirit. The Elemental  king of wonders has a crown made of precious metals that flows love as the only ingredient the need to create reality from it. These little Elements are crystal beings  are all about adventure, exploration, fun and seeing creativity as a simple reflection of what goes on inside them, so they talk, imagine and wonder like the philosophers debating in ancient times, Rome. The Crystal fairies of wonder theorize about what they can create, what purpose they will have from their creation, and what they can become because of what they have created.The cause has an effect, so we can say that they are the ones that shape the inspiration of the spirit that comes from their leaders. The fairies of wonder, who are the muses that, inspired by the scrolls of love, become an instrument of love to create, making you empty so you can hold space and be available as you are still and practice the holy state where miracles can be. The moment of awe is the magic in the forest, the aroma of love blooms in every precious flower that is available to bloom in love to renew itself. Wonder is the rainbow, the sparkles after the rain, the falling raindrops from the sky that every leaf drinks, stays alive while the trees are fully available to be neither the sun nor the rain, or to free themselves in the winter to grow new branches in the spring to be the shelter of many small elementary communities. All the elemental kingdoms gathered at the request of the wishes of the trustees be fulfilled and they always said the same thing "it's coming". They were impregnated with each desire, in stillness interwoven with love that magnetizes the manifestation and always mentions God's intention for your life. It is magical, it is the natural state where love is discharged naturally and the manifestation can be instantaneous. Those mystical little crystal  beings whisper awe and wonder to humans when they sleep to inspire them to synchronize awe with the flow into the swell of perfect love.You wonder when you stop to find your center and be like a little child when life feels heavy and hard that's not the time to wonder or build that's the sign of a miracle through knowing that love is wonder can in every moment you can shift your Feeling into higher alignment and understanding that creation is your natural state in the simplicity of Divine spirit within you. to be amazed is not to instigate how to solve it, our fairies clarify, it is  amazing while you walk in life rejoicing in your heart because the creation is already done at each moment, the more aware of what you create, the more wonders and Magic you will experience. Children are more open to see that they make wishes, as they feel happy at the level of confidence knowing when to flow and when to build wonder.  Wonder and wonder go hand in hand, the moment of wonder is when words are needed to describe the fullness you feel, the overflowing love in all the divine alchemy lessons between flow and build. The flow with our structure cannot flow and lose the flow until it stops and stagnates like a dream that was always in the mind contemplating wonder without inspired action between loving and letting love lead. The dream when it becomes action that is inspired by coded love becomes magical and a miraculous life! May wonder and awe inspire you to make all your dreams come true. With love guides 

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