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Vega Statseed, Galactic art and storytelling

Vega Alignment Light CodesThis energy is very strong, and I found myself in my dream interactions with this Higher-Self. With a very Vega essence, I was amazed about the presence and the Energy Signature.

It was so strong that my body struggled to match his energy—I felt like waves of tingling sensations were flowing through me, that for moments I had trouble breathing and adjusting to their magnificent glorious glowing.  I could see them in my dreams as bluish and gold snapshots of light surrounded by a committee who welcomed me. The aura around them felt very comfortable.The codes blended with their skyn and pop up with a luminescent gaze.

The energy is quite masculine but nonetheless so calm that it's enchanting. Besides that their connection with the elemental being of the cosmos is extremely peaceful. It feels to me their expansion has become one with the cosmos and their skill is sound.

they become the motion of the light and the sound of the source and through that they merge with aspect of the consciousness of the cosmosThe communication was telepathic, and they used many mudras with their hands—I've never seen anything like it before! In my dream they showed me they work for the cosmos and their mastery is presence.

You have always been a part of the cosmos. You have always been connected to it, and it has always been connected to you. In order to get clearer about your place in the universe, and how you can work more effectively with it, it is important to know about these codes. These codes are here to help you align your own energy with that of the cosmos so that you can work with its guidance more clearly.

These codes are designed to help you connect more easily with your higher self, or "higher-self." This higher self is actually much closer to you than you think—it is just outside of time and space as we know it on Earth. The higher-self exists outside of space and time because it does not exist in any particular place or time—instead, it exists only as pure consciousnessI saw stars, and they were just a little bit different from what we think of them.

The shapes were similar, but different.The magnificent calmness in their presence was enchanting and I felt so light and free that it felt like I was all over the galaxy!It felt like walking on gold liquid diamonds, starlight and particles of creation in a very universal way.

Somehow I could relate to myself as a persona but equally place myself aside and just listen and speak through the feeling in the nothingness. An exquisite feeling and not describable in human language.

The team of the message was silent, so it was a very short channel between chants and sounds where instantly transferred to you and I was just an observer who would recall that moment to you. As you see the image, everything will make sense innately.

I never thought silence would speak so much and on so many levels and all of that energy is coming to the planet. They share how earth is shifting into a new position in the galaxy which accelerates our ascension.

All of this cleansing, clearing and purification is transforming the old self and at different scale you will just glow into a new you.Welcome to the next step of your cosmic journey!Cosmic beings are in contact with your plant, and they will help you to ascend through the crystal vortex that channels low-frequency energies into higher frequencies.Cosmo is the name of your new guide.

He can be called up whenever you need him, and he is a dragon-humanoid who is exquisitely beautiful to behold.

He will help you to channel energy plasmicly into the Cosmic Portal, where it will be transformed and then returned to earth as part of its ascension process.The image connects you with Cosmo by anchoring you in this stage of your journey. You can imagine yourself flying free in space like a star among stars.---I hope you like it and it is helpfull!!!!

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