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Venusian Galactic Guide - Galactic Art.

Venusian Galactic Guide - Galactic Art.

Love is the Magic of your soul and is expressed at different levels where it represents the maximum expression of the purest and highest love, love being the best healer, the one that advises and that when it is reflected in human form it grows to reflect a person with power of having an idea of what love is, without being attached to an idea because love is not supposed to have only one form, it is genuine and goes beyond a feeling because it is a committed sense where the soul, the spirit and you humanity choose to express in love the essence of God himself.

Love is the magnetism of what is already present in your humanity and it is not your life either, it is just the avenue where you flourish by emanating the most exquisite essence of the alchemy of love, respecting you and respecting the path of each human who presents himself to you as a reflection that invites you to validate your experience from the eyes of another, however learning to be honest with yourself.

Love is to stop blaming others for the complications of life and it is the opportunity to heal the unresolved in physical life in connections where your soul transforms and is an anchor to invite others to reopen to create more love using your mind as the compass according to what your logic guides you in the polarization of the duality of the map of your heart where the heart tells you what and the mind how. Imagine seeing yourself as my reflection learning to honor every aspect of your life where your divine spirit is already the long-awaited, peace, happiness, rejoicing in your divinity, appreciating your light and being responsible for the light you shine in your night and the shining sun d every morning having compassion between each one of you.

See in others everything you like about them as a reflection of the god within you finding faith where you are the impossible that becomes the possibility of being the difference of a rebirth in the creation of the glamorous resolution to be you and your humanity.

In the face of criticism, give yourself the opportunity to only respect someone else's point of view without reflecting yourself in someone else's hollow mirror, your value does not depend on that, and you just have to know that every time life gets complicated, it is only a reflection that something that has not been recognized when you are aware of what you want to get without the complication of receive.

Say what you love, when you're tired then rest, when you miss something, look for it! when you lack something, recalibrate and find that everything you have is renewed in you without missing and if it is left over let it go. Allow yourself to build your solutions,

if you want to have peace, live it and immerse yourself in the happiness of calm and if you need help ask for it by changing the map of your mind, flow and when you do see and feel it is not what you are but it is what you give Although inside you there is another truth, one that is infinite and eternal with a divine alchemy seeking to be revealed in you.

Mastery in you is your destiny and how you travel it. With whom, how and when is the free will to write the legacy of your being. with love, your guides

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