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Was Atlantis a destination for destruction?

During the Starseed Akashicos records many timelines where and are being rewritten now. However the guide from this encoded Art the image tell@us a different story.

She is a blending from a Starseed with strong Venusian light and angelic Frequency. This guide also has a lifetime in Atlantis and for the good of humanity they where generally good Atlanteans. In this timeline they where all a general mixture of races, some gold skin others nordic and others reddish.

In this timeline they could shapeshifter by manipulating all types of energy including themselves.

there were lower frequency timelines from Atlantis however this wasn’t any of that. This was a very high frequency timeline alignment with a positive direction.

the city looked crystalline like the skin from this guide and very bright and not everyone could be part of that civilization. The lower frequencies ones live in other’s cities around the globe Aldo part of Atlantis. Like colonies we could say.

where this guide lived they all where trained to develop their psychic abilities and it was considered a normal path for their culture.

when you have a mental image from a guide that it’s you from another time regardless of how you got it.

The image will anchor that essence and it will become part of yourself and help you to locate they Frequency with easy.

Not all Atlantis timelines ended in destruction and this is one of them. If you feel guided to connect with Atlantis and explore your own connection I am attaching a meditation where dolphins and 9 dimensional frequencies that are very comforting and soothing.

Atlantis 9th dimensional I Light Language Guided Meditation | Powerful Activation

You can find it on my YouTube channel @envodedfrequency

@Shed a light

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