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We are in mercury retrograde

We have mercury retrograde which means it is time for Gentleness and kindness with the self and all else. Mercury will remain retrograde in the sign of Taurus from April 21st to May 14th, 2023.

Self love is the most easy healing tecnique to Be in harmony and learn to use this period to our own advantage while being aware and ready to deal with potential difficulties that could come with grace. Self love will ensure your vibration is so high that is the foundation for successful relationships and avoiding misundestandings.

Besides that, self-love involves understanding and accepting who you are, without judgment and comparison. It helps to increase self-confidence and learn to trust yourself.

Comment below with your favorite habit to practice about self-love and share with your friends to motivate them.

I’m sharing a meditation that in few minutes will bring loving awareness into your day.

Powerful Chakras Healing Sacral light Language Guided Meditation I Realign your Creation Center

I you can find it at @encodedfrequency YouTube channel

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Moments of self-love? Enjoying the sunlight with a nice cappuccino in nature ☀️🌳☕️✨

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