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What is the mission of Light Language & how to Activate it!

The mission for Which Language of Light in the form of codes in images and art is being activated in Star Seeds in an amplified way as the technique aligned with the new earth and the transcendence of the Being.

It all begins with the question of who you are now in this present, what you want to do as within your starseed identity, and why you want to be of service to humanity.

Humanity has asked these questions and more for centuries inventing religions, rituals, magic and more to find the answers.

Today the superior being invites you through the Activation language of light to ask yourself why? How? That? You are That Star Seed that if you are reading this it is because the Universe confirms that you are Because the Language of Light has inspired you to connect.

Light codes have the mission of representing healing chambers either in sacred geometry or symbolic language that the ego passes when using a non-linear language and from your DNA (who does recognize it) there is a reprogramming at a subconscious and conscious level.

The energy creates the matter so if the matter wants to be transformed then by changing the energetic vibration injecting patterns of ascending dimensions to create a different alchemy, it will bring a result of a change in your physical and energetic being.

The fact that? What? and because? they are the responses to your intention when you observe it consciously or unconsciously.

visualizing it and seeing itself blended into the light code is enough to create a reprogramming. However, for a more powerful effect, it is recommended to visualize yourself during a guided meditation with the language of light and merge into the image that you selected in the form of light, geometric tones and transforming from being matter to symbology that merges into a body of light that resembles the creator (in whatever way makes it easy for you to connect so will it be for the highest and highest good).

Suggested steps;

*Select the code of light or sacred geometry if your preference

*Add an intention, what? What? why? with time and mission for example "I decree the activation of my starseed template, easily and simply, in the highest and highest good of all that is now and instantly, in divine alignment and naturally finding balance in the now, it's done."

* Ask your team of spiritual guides for assistance.

*Allow yourself to flow in the highest and greatest good, and so be it.

I hope it is valuable and I enclose a meditation and this code to activate your starseed lineage for your highest good and so be it.

Shed a light

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Oct 16, 2022


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