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Why we should reconnect to Gaia?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Morning beloveds ✨

Why we should reconnect to Gaia.?

This is a huge energetic shift.

This energy moves and flows like air and mutate like water. Yes water can be solid as ice, water can be a current in the ocean and the ocean itself.

Air give us the clues in our sensory field and we feels more emphatic moving into a multi sensory human being

Water has the ability to adjust and morph and those qualities are going to be very helpful now

This new energy is loaded with twists and turns and comes to shakes us all to find a new reorganization at all levels

And because everything feels like moving to find stability we need to add more elements into the equation of air and water.

Sun light now represents ascension codes yes our brother and sister from the cosmos send us key codes to assist us and our sun is the portal that filters all that knowledge so we received it in a degree that is confortable for our physicality

Earth represents stability, big fundamento on and the stage for our soul to have and experience so not grounding is like having a company but never going to work or give instructions to your employees so the company get unstable because the owner lack in management

So today I invited you the ground with this light Language recording that I created and be a good manager for your experience talk to Gaia to see what can be better and what can be released #Gaia #Healing #light language #grounding #meditation

Many blessings

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