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You haven’t done anything wrong!!!

✨💛Diving into the shadow with honesty and openness no matter how to mess up we think we are help us to reveal the greatest Light and sentient being and developing the willingness to wake up more and that is the doorway for enlightenment ✨🌟.

the feeling we have done something wrong comes from the false self this guild and shame we carry is actually unobstructed energy so sometimes just as you feel the resistance the visualization I do is to open the heart and breathe as courageously let my wound to open and be gently infuse by the light and that is so healing....

as you relax open our and send forgiveness release and relaxation for yourself and all others with compassion and honesty

to love ourselves and love all others including this world we are in .....

To let your light be revealed to you I invite you to meditate today and link yourself to your god self and let it be revealed to you

All the support of the God Self is available to you... The opportunity to make Quantum Upgrades in your healing abilities is here.

Will you claim it?

Shed a light!

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