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Your Soul Project - Galactic ART - Sirius Water Galactic Guide 6th dimension

Your Soul Project - Galactic ART - Sirius Water Galactic Guide 6th dimension

These words are channeled by the wisdom of my soul and will invite us to explore it within the being and discover the Soul Project.

This guide that today appears in the image connected in the writing through the language of light will reveal the wisdom of your soul and how to understand it in order to know yourself more.

What is the Soul? Well, in the way in which it has been shown to me through clairvoyance and channeling, we can understand that the being is not divided when he is God, Creator of the Universe or the name that your conscience wishes to give him.

The soul is part of a fragment of the whole that you are at, the level of God, like drops of water that flow in the ocean that ,in this case, is God and each fragment of the ocean would be the soul.

How to understand the soul? If I don't understand myself, I would say the drop is trying to separate itself from the ocean to be able to see its own reflection, its molecules and atoms, where in a single drop it has the consciousness that it is filled with the consciousness of God.

The drop said to himself feeling separated - If I don't take the time to feel it as a scenic drop, then how do I know what I am in the Ocean? And so this will be aquatic from the Syriac dimension, so he tells us a metaphor of a drop of water in the ocean to explain how the ego is anchored in a fragment of consciousness called the soul.

The soul as well as the drop needs to Create an illusion, an ego to serve a purpose of understanding, a consciousness that appears to be separate but has never ceased to be part of the ocean itself.

So, how do you in your illusion anchor the deuteron spirit of consciousness to understand like this, in your created illusion how does it feel?  That is what this writing will define, the concept of the Soul that is easy to digest and understand.

In a metaphor, the drop is what the ocean, the soul is to the consciousness of the creator, and perhaps you are wondering, what is the spirit? Well, if the drop is to the ocean. What the is soul to God, then the spirit is the water, the alchemy that carries life and is life.

Your soul in this present moment would need a history, a time, an illusion that would lead it to a challenge and an outcome that is the expansion of consciousness in the evolution of the soul as spirit and God itself.

Following the metaphor, if a blouse has 3 folds, each fold is the blouse but one with the fabric. That's right, another would be in the middle of the right and the left where the third would be lined up.

Each sheet is one and shares the characteristics and scenic features of the blouse, but the sheet is not the blouse, it is only part of what it allows it to be.

The drop is not the water, the water is not the ocean, but all together they are a consciousness that grows, expands, transforms and evolves. So at this moment, we speak and read these metaphors of a water being from a planet called Sirius .

I am not you and you are not me, however, we are sheets of the same blouse and that is a metaphor that would explain the multidimensional universe where each sheet, drop or fragment of  the soul only sees itself and loses the collection with the whole.

If we are a drop on the surface of the ocean, we miss out on the number of adventures in the depth of the darkness of the ocean. Thus, in the same metaphor, if my drop of water turns into foam, it will explore unknown terrain such as the beach where it would feel an ally of its natural existence, however, in the unknown of its new existence.

A third element would be the heat of the warm rays of dawn on the wonderful paradisiacal beach of the sky. That drop of water ceased to be part of the ocean but is still water, in human terms it would be a funeral and the sadness and emptiness of the scenic transitional.

Consciousness always recreates the form, continue with this story, the drop evaporated, lost density and was seen as vapor. The manifestation of you as a soul, when your soul leaves the body you become in this metaphor a soul connected to a spirit part of the consciousness of God anchored to the spirit.

The body would be the drop of water and Gaia would be your ocean if she were a drop of water in the vast sea. If you evaporate, you lose density instead of being a river, lagoon or sea, you would be a vapor that rises to an unlivable state like air, but you can feel it.

This is a legitimate and valid metaphor of what a spiritual guide would be for you. I don't know with your conscious mind. Usually a human is not even aware of his soul or spirit much less of the guides around him.

When the steam ceased to be a drop and her ascended boyfriend had a resurrection or transformational to be part of a ship and that in the human world, would be the fifth dimension where he became part of the sky.

In the sky, there are certain elements that would represent different ascended god forms such as, galactic light beings, Angels, Source structure and a multiverse that would be like going out into space and traveling to the moon or another constellation.

God as consciousness is organized in the soul with different illusions anchored in frequencies intertwined with vibrations creating dimensions. What would it be like the folds of the blouse or the ocean currents that are always interconnected and can be perceived as separate.

In my illusion I have the complete power to feel all my being at a multidimensional level that would be like my 3 sheets being different but united by the fabric of the blouse and being aware that they are one and a reflection of the other.

So all Gaia is the blouse in this metaphor the liege in the middle feels seated but for the one on the right it would be on the left and not in the middle and thus consciousness is not limited by form, perception or time when it is present, anchor you through the illusion and allow yourself to be all sides.

When you connect with me, everything that I am in the 6th dimension is at your disposal and you can download it into your human consciousness and I learn from you, from your feelings, because everything you experience is experienced by me from my side of the blouse.

Being so, today I invite you to connect with me where I am your guide teacher to structure the project of your soul in your time and your lovingly present moment.

With love, The Guides

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