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5 tips to find ease between the Eclipse season

This month, you will feel like your life is going nowhere fast.

But the truth is that our lives are in the process of changing.

We just can't see them right now! Mercury Retrograde in Taurus has thrown some unexpected curveballs your way, but it can feel challenging but it can be a month of incredible opportunity.

I’m sharing 5 tips that could help you to ease the intensity.

* Go with the flow and somehow find Structure to Ground your Light.

* Sometimes when you are walking slow it is the fast way to get to your Destination.

* Surround yourself with people, habits and Doings that make your feel great at Being!

* Whatever makes your eyes glow it is meant for you to look at it and observe it with appreciation.

* Lastly, find moments to go back to where all feel so freaking Good. Like meditation si I’m sharing one you can use with this Galactic Blueprint.

May your Month be Blessed

I am sharing a light language journey with goddess Isis and Hathor to dazzle brightness.


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Ark1 1
Ark1 1
May 02, 2023

Thank you Grethel 😀💛👍☀️

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