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Planets in retrograde and what to do

Embracing Cosmic Shifts let me tell you what it’s going on

The current happenings on Earth are captivating, where even the surreal no longer surprises us. As different timelines converge, the journey of transformation might seem intensely chaotic. Yet, amidst it all, my vibe remains positive, knowing that every endeavor contributes to personal and collective evolution.

  • ✨ Cosmic Energies Unveiled ✨

  • With 5 planets in retrograde, our universe is orchestrating a dance of metamorphosis and self-discovery:

  • Pluto's retrograde (May 1 - Oct 10) unveils our limitations, urging for transformation.

  • Neptune collaborates with the esoteric (June 30 - Dec 6), inviting profound insights.

  • Saturn, the cosmic guide, beckons us to transmute (June 17 - Nov 4).

  • Venus prompts reflection on passions that ignite our souls.

  • Chiron illuminates our wounds with a gentle, healing light.

  • Mercury's journey (till Sep 17) enhances communication and understanding.

  • Uranus (Aug 28 - Jan 27) brings sudden changes, urging adaptation.

  • Jupiter's influence (Sep 4 - Dec 30) fosters expansion, growth, and prosperity.

🌀 Navigating the Cosmic Flow in 3 Steps

  • Discern Your Energy: Tune into the energy you emit and receive. Adaptation is key as cosmic tides shift.

  • Kindness in Process: Extend kindness to your journey and to those around you, for we all navigate these shifts differently.

  • Embrace Surrender: Flow with what unfolds. Tune into the currents that align with your purpose, letting go where needed.

Let's embark on this cosmic voyage with authenticity and grace. Natural expression. 🌟#CosmicBalance #meditation  #PositiveVibes #encodedfrequency #Lightlanguageartist #astrology

I am sharing a meditation that will assist with that it is called Light Language Guided Meditation | Clearing Timelines with the Seraphims | you can find it on my YouTube channel @EncodedFrequency #Shedalight

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