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July 23 Sunday, Energy Forecast

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

July 23 Sunday, the moon enters Libra. Finally the intensity will find Balance!

This day is a key day Venus enters retrograde and ends on September 3. 

Here you have to turn to vr to what fills your soul with spark. you have to create new creative dynamics to relate to your interior and exterior environment.

What are you passionate about? Do you need more passion for life? Well, here these topics will be under review in order to explore where you have to fill your life with brightness. and that you love what you do, forever love and you go hand in hand to live in alignment with your greatest and highest good.

Today we invite you to use this code and the suggested meditation so that you shine as a source for your highest and greatest good and so be it.

12-12 Light Language I 12-12 Meditation & Activation   Recharging From Source

Shed a light 


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