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July 17 Moon in Cancer and Mars in Virgo | Rekindle your Home…

Monday July 17 Moon in Cancer and Mars in Virgo. Now if you have to put yourself in action and in Alignment.

This New Moon brings these energies, mainly I have been able to perceive them in my own experience and in my appointments with clients. Main theme is to invite us to Comtlemtar your inner Universe. Let's remember that for Cancerians the house is everything. They are sensitive, they like to care, love and they are like a neon sign that says "I feel".

So this moon invites us to do a Cleaning in your home from the inside and outside Reorganize your bonds, adding healthy limits in your relationships for the outside and inside the temple of your Soul there is Love and Alignment with your greatest good.

Remember that the theme that underlines the universe is Caring for your internal home. Self-love will be indispensable and very necessary.

Make sure you make time to heal the divine feminine, rest, meditate, connect with nature and those who fill your soul with light.

Self-love will help you to establish an energetic hygiene with a protection that does not limit you, but instead floods you with multiple potentials to live in balance.

Remember to give yourself time to experience what is indispensable to you. Reconnect with your tribe, people where you create relationships based on harmony and high vibration.

Make time to let go of the family in areas where the relationship becomes toxic. The terrestrial links at some point will be based on an apprenticeship.

That learning although it may not be flowers and honey. It should strengthen you and not break you.

So open up to letting go of any toxic bond or attachment that makes you break with your love center.

Take what works for you and take some time to meditate on which area of your life the house needs a loving layer in order to live in the sacred temple where your heart soul is reborn and expands. and so be it.

May this be helpful, remember to shed a Light

With Love Grethel

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