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Dragonfly Fairy Light Language | spiritual Digital Art

The drawing comes from Jade and was assigned to her by the higher self as it represents Joy. Joy codes are activated in the draw. At the heart of an enchanted elemental realm dwells Jade, a dragonfly nymph adorned in iridescent hues.

Shown to me with gossamer wings and eyes that reflect starlit wisdom, Jade traverses realms unseen. This mystical realm lies at the confluence of dreams and reality, where the whispers of spirit guides converge.

Guides show me that Jade unfolds her wings through the silken threads of dreams, she flies towards sleeping minds, as a messenger between realms.

Guided by the whispers of the spirits, she imparts messages woven with cosmic truths, gently urging souls toward her destinies. Maybe you have already dreamed it and you don't remember it or maybe you will dream it in the future. Ask for it.

Jade, it's like an ethereal messenger channel. As sentinel of the night, she ensures that even in the realm of dreams the guidance of the spirits finds her way.

If you are reading this there is a message for you...

She wants to keep you to Let your dreams be the palette from which your days are painted, each stroke infused with the hues of boundless possibility. In the journey of your existence, joy is the golden thread that weaves moments into memories.

Meditation 8 Desires with Faries and Unicorns | Encoded Frequency

her message is about Joy and to Embrace life's symphony with a heart attuned to the melody of dreams, and let the gentle breeze of joy carry you to places where your soul takes flight.

Give Dragonfly wings to your dreams and let joy guide your steps. Be open to new possibilities and watch dreams Become part of your experience.

I hope you enjoy it

With Gratitude Grethel

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I've also been visioning that beautiful green color!


Last weekend I was laying in my hammock outside and found myself surrounded by dragonflies! All this week I have been seeing them everywhere. One even flew into my work office and now this!!! Thank you!

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