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Arcturus Drawing Galactic Guide

This drawing comes from Arturus. He is a sixth dimensional being who works with structural changes in the matrix. It shows that they observe, evaluate and assist in the changes that are made to keep the timelines stable. Furthermore, they ensure that the divine order is always vibrating. His energy was fresh, youthful you could say, happy and very pleasant. He shows me a ship made of energy. They work by evaluating the timelines and how light and darkness travel the path of metamorphosis. As far as I can see and understand it, they are a means of neutrality. Between what darkness destroys and light rebuilds.

This is his message

Greetings from the Arcturus star system. We are a harmonious collective of sixth-dimensional beings, and I am Otto. Our existence transcends the boundaries of individuality as we navigate the cosmic matrix, dedicated to maintaining the equilibrium between light and darkness as they undergo metamorphosis. Our energy is a collective effusion of youthfulness, joy, and serenity. Our method of communication is through an ethereal vessel—a ship of energy, meticulously designed for evaluating the intricate cosmic dance. Our purpose lies in the observation, evaluation, and harmonization of the ever-evolving threads of existence with the divine order. We serve as the bridge between destruction and reconstruction, ensuring that harmonious vibrations persist throughout of our multidimensional world. We perceive light as the primordial intention, the spark of creation that ignited the universe. It is the radiant purpose behind all that is, the guiding force that set the cosmic symphony into motion. Yet, in our neutrality, we also recognize the significance of dark matter. It is the expansive canvas upon which the strokes of creation unfold, the vast expanse that accommodates the burgeoning cosmos. Dark matter, in its obscurity, provides the space for galaxies to form and stars to shine. As impartial observers, we understand that neither light nor dark matter alone can fulfill the cosmic design. It is the interplay, the dance of balance between these forces, that sustains the universe's ever-evolving beauty. In this intricate harmony, we find the essence of our purpose—to ensure the divine order prevails, and the cosmic symphony continues to resonate in perfect equilibrium. Our work extends to the very heart of existence, where quantum physics laws dictate the cosmic dance of particles and waves. We evaluate the harmony within this intricate symphony as the universe evolves and continues to expand.

At the quantum level, we witness the delicate interplay of forces, where particles waltz in uncertainty, entangled in a cosmic ballet. We observe the fine-tuned balance that allows atoms to form, stars to ignite, and galaxies to swirl in celestial choreography. Our role is to ensure that this dance remains in harmony, that the quantum laws resonate with the expanding universe. We stand as custodians of equilibrium, facilitating the cosmic order as it unfolds through the ever-expanding tapestry of space and time. In our neutrality, we uphold the integrity of creation, honoring the beauty of the quantum symphony.

In the grand journey of existence, we, the Arcturians, offer a gentle reminder: seek balance between the dark and the light. Just as we harmonize cosmic forces, so too must you navigate the dualities of your world. Embrace the light, for it carries the intent and purpose of creation. Let it guide your actions with love, compassion, and wisdom. The light illuminates the path to growth and enlightenment.

Yet, do not shun the darkness, for it is the canvas of expansion. Within its depths lie the lessons of resilience and transformation. Embrace your challenges and setbacks, for they too play a vital role in your evolution. Remember, it is in the union of opposites that true equilibrium is found. Balance the pursuit of knowledge with humility, strength with vulnerability, and joy with sorrow. Embrace your dual nature and find unity in diversity.

In this balance, you will discover your true potential and contribute to the harmony of the universe. Seek the middle path, for it is there that you will shine as beacons of cosmic wisdom and compassion. With love and neutrality, The Arcturians

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1 Comment

Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
Sep 28, 2023

What an Amazing great message sweet Grethel I love it 💞🙏🌸🙏🌺🌈💖✨✨🌈✨💖

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