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Star Race Antares | Galactic Art

Welcome to a journey where the boundaries of reality blur, and the realms of imagination come to life. In this mesmerizing odyssey, I turned to a drawing that revealed a world of awe-inspiring beauty. As I closed my eyes, seeking a connection, a gentle, Morse-like light beckoned me into the unknown.

The story unfolds with Antares, a celestial explorer, embodying the higher self, leading a collective of avatars vibrating in the fifth dimension, ascending to the sixth. Through my drawings, I ventured deeper, erasing and recreating, uncovering enigmatic beings from distant realms – the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and the enigmatic Rigellians dwelling within their sun.

In the realm of dreams, our Starseed

Soul family converges in the Sun, sharing wisdom and supporting one another's cosmic journeys. Antares emerges into the Stargate Portal, safeguarding the archives of the soul.

Aldebaran's majestic and extravagant beings, both light and dark, stand as champions of uniqueness, celebrating diversity and pioneering the new. Hybrid versions of ourselves blur the lines of time, already coexisting within our timeline.

This journey reveals an Atlantean utopia, a harmonious fusion of Pleiadean exploration across continents and the enigmatic Inner lands of Agartha.

Yet, beneath the surface, the cosmic theater plays its intricate dance, with beings from Aldebaran orchestrating hidden roles across ancient timelines, perhaps even as the gods our ancestors revered.

Why do I explore the Darkness? The answer lies in the duality of existence, where light and darkness coexist, challenging us to discover our inner strength. Darkness is not to be feared, for within its challenges, we find the opportunity to shine even brighter. Every act of kindness, courage, and love illuminates our path, banishing shadows and heralding a radiant dawn.

With love,

Sitara, Star Race Andares

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In Gratitude Grethel

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