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Aldebaran Starseed

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

My drawing of the Light Aldebaran confección

This Galactic Soul chart reflects connection from this Drawing with Orion Mintaka both good and bad from the league resistance very StarWars alike 4th Dimension shift shapes, portal keepers and guardian of the constellation of Orion, Links with Jupiter and Mars, Sirius RA collective, Lanikea Cluster - Hydra- Centaurus, Germanic historian from Aldebaran good and bad 4th dimension, Atlantis as serpent people, Avalon, Hyades - Pleiades astronomer - Alcyone, Pleione - Lyra, Neptunian, Centinel of Gaia earth protector, Oracle of Elders of Earth ( ancestors)

Greetings and Blessings, We are Aldebaran; you can call me Althea; we are a guardian of the akashic record of the Univers that is called the universal grid. We are beings from the high 4th Dimension. We still have a physical body, but we are transitioning into the 5th Dimension soon. In our time, we still have duality because we choose darkness as the exploration of the soul and being like myself that choose to embrace with Joy and Love.

We have mentors from the Galactics nations, and we are here to advise you on moving into more soothing energy towards the new earth.

Move forward with joy and love. When you are in JOY, you are essentially energizing these qualities and magnetizing more positive ALIGNMENT into your life.

In addition, the fun has the power to release obstacles and align you with what you love, want, and need, and help you manifest with ease and grace automatically.

I am here today, giving you the courage and strength required to stand in your power, claim your higher connection with the Source, and experience a truly joyful, peaceful, and abundant life.

Today prioritize your light and in each day to joy and abundance your life.

Remember the choices you make today will set the stage for your next steps.

Let your light guide you...

Be at peace and ease and be in joy...

Keep choosing joy and love in the present moment to ensure a positive future.

Many bright Blessings Althea

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