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Let me tell you the best benefit on using Codes?

Art & Light Codes, Gives me the opportunity to create a physical representation for what it is higher dimensional energy.

It makes easier to anchor through an image of a divine aspect of me. The first lesson I learn when my third eye open was what I think.

IT IS REAL in my AURA! YES…So if I want to connect with my higher self I bring to my mind the image I created for him and as I think on it ( through the image) I become the version of my higher self and me.

So today Take a moment to Breathe light and recharge your energy. Try something new, use a light code and meditate and observe if is better than without the image.

Codes and meditation are a brain gymnastics that softly take you to the unlimited mindset.

To me meditation is the Experience the peace itself as you listen it feels as if you immerse yourself within your infinity.

With this meditation you will dive into 5 dimensional consciousness and manifest from there.

🌀Meditate with the full recording at my YouTube channel @encodedfrequency - Healing the Divine Masculine with Yeshua | Encoded Frequency

🌀 know more about my services at

With Gratitude Grethel

🌀The image comes from Atlantis and he’ll to clear the subconscious and conscious mind.

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