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Antares Guide ~ Alien Race - Antares -Galactic Art Centaur

Antares Guide ~ Alien Race - Antares -Galactic Art ~ Centaur

This Soul is connected in essence with Antares, where Mantis beings were the first ones to split from Source. It is the journey of CREATION which is a bridge between Source and Soul and where they are separated.

They are creators whose main function is being spiritual guides as conduits for Love and Peace. They also assist currently in the collective reunion of future Earth to integrate themself after disclosure.

Other aspects are Lyran - Avian, Vega, Alpha Centauri, Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus and Andromeda as well. Today the drawn aspect is from Antares in connection with the Atlantean Collective, the Elemental Kingdoms of Gaia, but also timelines on Earth as well as in the Galaxy.

This aspect wants to be called Esmeralda and her counterpart is a Golden Avian Lyran who looks like a golden eagle, and both had lives on Earth journeying together.

In the Atlantean timeline many of the devices the Atlanteans built as a technology created a disharmony and a magnetic mismatch that ended in the fall of Atlantis.

The fall of Atlantis in this timeline was caused from the disconnection of humans with Mother Earth. The invitation from the Guides is to reconnect with the planet for the benefit of all. They watch humanity as the timelines split and later this technology will be revealed, These will represent a higher purpose that will drive the ascension of Humanity into a New Earth.

The Power of Choice

We are about to embark on a journey in the company of multiple galactic guides through quantum gateways for the purpose of a Soul alchemy. We will be connecting with Pleiadians in this process.

This journey is starting by passing through a Love gateway and is an exciting time in our realm. I love that we are being offered a chance to reap the full benefit of these galactic energies, while learning how to expand into them and be involved with this galactic energy with the Collective at our side.

The top priority of this group is to lead us into vibration with the high frequency of the Pleiadians. I would describe it as a very pure and soft angelic healing star energy. We work to assist light workers as they perform quantum healing. This group looks Nordic and they live in the 5D vibration, fly around in space crafts, and communicate through telepathy.

Their message is: Know that you have the choice today to remember the wisdom of your SOUL. Begin feeling the connection with Love through opening your Heart and stay actively connected with your Soul. Pull back and release the layer of burdens, ground yourself, and in that moment unify with your ascended Heart... realize that you are Source energy. Choose to let life in!

When you are connected with this field energy you can let go and be yourself, deciding how to respond in the present moment, how you connect with those around you, and how you respond to what is transpiring in the world around you. And you can consciously decide to develop your inner radiance, cultivate positivity, harmony, and presence. Lean into the present moment and let Love circulate through you.

There is a distinct energy shift happening right now... and if you are feeling vulnerable you may pick up on it, feeling a bit uncomfortable with what is happening, and thinking something may be amiss... Soon enough though you'll naturally start feeling lighter, clearer, and more connected again.

Our suggestion based on our observations is that you are the one who can decide on how you respond to these situations. Allow what is happening and let it be... and trust that whatever you are realizing or going through is part of the process of your consciousness being raised. For now, in this way you can reconnect with the truth of who you really are..

Choose... I AM the force of LOVE... I AM a beacon of Happiness... I AM a being of radiant LIGHT. Commit to see clearly and truly as the I AM presence in positivity and peace. I choose to see myself through the eyes of Source!

We are honored to connect with you, The Guides.

Your message:

Greetings light angels of the Earth We are here sending waves of light and love in this Aquarian age that creates a shift in energy where humans enter an accelerated stage in the transformation of their experience. Intense changes are coming and we are announcing this in connection with changes related to reactions to restrictions on the Collective. We are here to activate the healing and the codes of your soul where you become autonomous from the collective effect. With this you enter the state where the political and social begins to be the platform for you to find equanimity in being. Dear Earth Angel, receive these blessings that wash and purify the soul, leaving the divine presence shining on the horizon of being. Let your divine feminine guide you gently and nurture every part of you with love and peace. Allow your auric field to release the darkness and potentially create exaltation where you truly shine and expand your light, my Beloved. Let the light codes encoded in the image penetrate your energy. Fill it with enough love for you to become one with the love of the source in you. Let your planets align themselves so that the Cosmos favors you. With this the Collective comes to favor your success in times of intensity where the chaos creates a new structure for your light. Dear Earth Angel, raise your grace and let your potential amplify. Vibrate in your best magnetism where you shine in your new beginnings. Spread your wings to the grace of your divine feminine Always loved"

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