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Are you shifting? Let´s explore the energetic themes now...

There is an identity reset and maybe you have the question of who am I? Have you Felt any shift in your identity?

The Eclipse Now with transcendental changes it is asking Where a version of you that is already old is transformed. And that higher identity where you reaffirm yourself in a new way. So this void of darkness through the ecclesiastes really helps you discern what light is unfolding and what doors are opening for you. Bringing new light to start new projects. New openings where abundance can flow in all areas of life. Here, abundance is everything that is shared and everything that is received to be in synchronization. Returning to connections and relationships I am being shown new connections in balance. It is finding that balance where agreements are made. And peace can be negotiated. There are new healthy guidelines that can be set, not only does the body feed on food, but also on emotion, on thought, the external environment also exerts an influence. So I see a readjustment in all the vortices around you and within you.

You can find it on my youtube channel @Encdoedfrequency and is called Light Language of the Heart Chakra 💚

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