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Courage to Love Sirius alignment

We have a new moon in Cancer, and the emotions are going to be the protagonists.

Take your time to feel and listen to them to fill with love and light all those that are vibrating unbalanced.

Remember that Cancer energy is emotion and intuition, but power comes from being gentle and soft when the heart feels hard and heavy. All that heaviness to my feeling comes when my heart becomes rigid and does not let the love enter to soften the alchemy of the spirit. So today, allow yourself to feel and heal what you feel.

We are in a portal through the influence of Vega in trinity with Sirius and Lyra, so with the energy, it is based on the courage to love and the courage to shine with its own light.

Remember to be gentle with your processes and gentle with others around you to prepare to receive the lion's gate activations.

Now I feel that it is time to empty yourself and fill yourself with more light and elevated LOVE.

Flow in love. 🤍

Blessings from my heart to yours Grethel ♾💫

Note the image is a personalized codes from a healing chamber in SIRIUS find more about theses codes at <url>

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