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Dealing with Fear Vs Trusting your Power

Have you ever feel paralyzed in fear? Got me many times 🙌

This is how my Higher self always back me up when I feel like losing me, riding outside of my Soul.

Then higher self whom I often see as Lion comes down close to me like if a higher power has my back and gently lift me up into where we become one.

My back relaxed and my heart begins to melt into heavenly love, suddenly all goes in slow motion as I’d the world stops for me to get in my center fiercely.

Higher Self said “ little one fear no more I got your back “ me I let it be and let Divine Hold me into the arms of Love where I tell myself “I got me! It’s all well” and step back, get center, shift and find ease with life.

Telling Higher Self “ We got this, Guide me, I’m willing to be responsible for the energy I bring into my day and all.

I want is being in alignment with you, all I can be and feel blessed now, in the highest outcome for all “.

Normally meditation with higher self will do the trick so today Meditate, spark your light and Glow.

Sharing a meditation with feline higher self yo got your back

Lyran Sirian Starseed Guided Meditation I Light Language | Encoded Frequency

Shed a light

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Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
Aug 04, 2022

So beautiful I Loveee it 💖✨💖✨💖✨✨✨

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