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Divine Mother a message of love ❤️

My Drawing of the Light~ Divine Mother 🤍 the Soul Chart shows connections with Pleiades Merope, Electra, and Maia in connection with Aldebaran, connection with Sirius, direct connection with the Angelics, Avalon, Guardians of Inner Earth and the Ray Crystal temples, Earth, the brotherhood of the light, Circle of the Rose, Venus, and Divine Mother.

My dear beloved,

I am Divine Mother and I am part of your angelic self.

As we are here as a group of angelic beings that are holding hands in a circle of healing light and as you allow to receive an infusion with healing codes And an opportunity to activate key Healing Codes within! During this Particular shift Of exiting The mind And entering The heart Activated in you, we Know it Can feel Like existing In limbo-land or Purgatory for many.

is time for you to anchor peace as you know there is something bigger for you to flow with While we may no longer be so tightly locked into the interpretations and beliefs of a mind-based identity, we equally may not have fully entered the new home of the heart though joy, fun, and happiness This highlights a rather crucial level of dark night of the soul, where we cross the bridge of identity from mind to heart by making peace with uncertainty. Energies are intense, and emotions are running high... But amidst this, there is a beautiful underlying current of support and profound spiritual re-connection. An incredible opportunity for positive collective shifts This is a point of Pure Potentiality. Because uncertainty is one of the mind’s biggest fears and the heart’s most faithful allies in letting go, it is common for the mid-point of the sacral chakra to be used to express discord and dissonance in any direction. Define a new layer of the definition of joy and inner freedom by alignment with inner peace in all forms at all times. Be open to receiving these new light Healing Codes or higher light frequencies that had come through for you my dearest being of light Experiencing powerful zero-point centering Sacral Chakra activation and bring inner peace to the fullest. Keep returning to love, peace, and presence! Become the one who carries out Peace!! many blessings my beloved, Fall in love with Yourself! Learn to live in a Love state! But know that, Is ok to Love yourself ok to set BoundariesIs ok to set LimitsGive love with self-worth.

May your day be full of love, Divine Mother

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