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Dragon art light language

The spirit of Fire comes today to initiate the powerful light within...

Ups and downs only appear in the horizon as a sign of brighter days coming ahead.

The dragons of fire greets you dear cosmic child of light from the dragons of Light to you, When you remember this image you will be in a circle of light, we come and descend from angelic space where we work with the angels to TURN ON THE LIGHTING

Chaos around is a fire that vibrates in disharmony the fire in Balance represents Father god in action.

We would like you to receive a strong influx of light and the attraction of heavenly light energy in codes. Which certainly brings a feeling of new beginnings for you Illuminating the superior cosmic and spiritual support available to you ... now And ignite a spark of willpower and determination so that you can manifest bright blessings in your life and divine alignment! But with the number of changes and transformations, we have all experienced in the last year ... There is also an opportunity now to integrate how much you have grown by receiving the light codes of the image and, receiving a "clear view" and realignment ...

Today my dear cosmic fire let your inner power to Glow

With fiery love, Melinda

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