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Energy Overview

Morning beloveds - Energy Overview

This is how our brains look like to me now

Massive DNA activations......

Let me explain the cosmic light is raising its intensity and it can be overwhelming if we are not able to hold the same speed and potency.

Yes the energy increase and proof of that is the Shumman Resonance that has to increase lately impacted by the massive awakening



Our brains shift and our bodies are activating dormant DNA genetic codes it can be uncomfortable headaches, tiredness, pain, etc

While our bodies adjust to the heightened frequency it needs support



Tips to integrate the cosmic light codes from the next gateways

- 12-12th gateway

- 12-14th solar eclipse

- 12-21th timelines Bifurcation

- 12-29th Full moon

I have seen coming 2021 on my timelines

- We will have lots of Et contact for whom is required - star families are attentive to support who requests that connection

- twist & changes at the collective - resilience, and adaptation will be key to avoid division and find our similarities instead of our differences.

- heightening Spiritual senses - activating new gifts, telepathy, healing abilities, light language, third eye, etc.

- Body upgrading codex- chakras become one Pilar of light to work in concert - make peace with your body ( ground, rest, detox, etc)

- massive transformation - all soul contracts are being upgraded and reorganized the twin flame program is reactivated it for many.

- star kids - come to born so lots of gifted kids will be born they look like little ascended masters

Human Light tribe - many of us will feel guided to build community and create support for others to assist on this transition so I’m seeing people being guided to be a lightworker as a full-time job.

- Sourcing Solutions - the solutions we are waiting for from our governments will appear from us, we will start reorganizing our communities to provide the support for change and transition to a new earth.



In challenging times can be hard to stay positive but is a MUST!

Let’s trust a little harder and know all is working for us we are choosing to change.

So follow your intuition and shed a light!!!

📌I will be sharing meditations for free each Friday in my youtube channel for the ones want to make contact with Galactics I’m sharing the playlist hit the bell 🛎 to subscribe

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Blessings beloved 🤍✨

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