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Guide to the Stars - Atlantis - Goldianna

Guide to the Stars - Atlantis - Goldianna

We are the Atlantis Collective. Today we want to invite you to travel with us to the Atlantean era. I am you from Atlantis and we already work together. You can call me Goldianna and I am here to take you on a journey to a lifetime where you were an alchemist of healing.

In Atlantean times I am you in that lifetime, our Atlantis was very futuristic like out of a science fiction movie. Visitors from the stars walked among us.

Crystals and metals were our helpers. All kingdoms vibrated in an alchemy higher than that of your current reality

People were very powerful and used this alchemy knowledge abusing this power which was dangerous at some point, but that will be another story.

At this time I will tell you about your life in your community> Your entire family lived in a kind of glass sanctuary where the houses were so efficient that they vibrated along with Mother Earth, vibrating between the elements of Gold, the Cobra, the Wood and the Crystal. Through a contrast between the magnets that alchemy the natural elements of the Earth as galactic technology like Light and internet connection, so to speak.

This is our power, you come from the knowledge of mixing certain elements that between their negative and positive polarity created a celestial and very powerful alchemy.

The key element is the imagination. The truth is we were so empowered and in a way ingrained in ourselves that the ideas flowed by themselves.

Confidence in yourself is your power and it is used between good and evil as the two polarities. They are the ones that created the platform and the connection with the source.

It can be said that we were a society of scientists and chemists and a little crazy and artistically creative.

In this society people began starting in childhood to trust in their creative and caulking power to invoke their community and that created the craziest solutions.

The truth is, that exploration brought adrenaline to the million. It was like always living in the adventure that I can create and do more and at no time did it devastate that our creations were not successful, on the contrary, it was part of the adventure of being a creative alchemist.

You will be a master being without limits to the extent that you recalibrate your trust in yourself and in your wisdom,

The illusion limits what you can create but if you create a more empowering illusion then the journey will be magically illuminated.

Train to be in your center and in your light.

Follow your passions and your inspirations and that will raise your vibration and thus you will receive more enlightenment and higher guidance.

Always with you,

Goldianna !!!

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