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Higher Self Drawing

This higher self in this case feels an architect, engineer, interior designer,.of the light. ( Lyran ) Expert on Sacred Geometry ( Sirius ) from the lineage of Archangel Raphael ( directly aligned to Lyra (Emerald Order / Anuhazi ( Oraphim ~ Elohim - first order of Blue Ray or Lyran-Sirian , feline angelic civil service), connected with Christ Consciousness (yeshua-Magdalene archetype), Ra, Solar logos ( building new archetypes ), Chiron ( wounded healer ), dark aspect in Oiron, Lemurian Founder (Sovereign Mentor, equality), Mars - ( Initiates change, activist), celtic - Nordic Gods connection, and lastly Atlantis - Pleiades as teacher.

This is how the Higher Self chooses to look dazzling like all around and sparkles of light collide between each other creating ripples in the sacredness of the Soul wisdom.

Alchemizing light codes in each sparkling light and opening the physical body to Oneness with Source, allowing you to BE in a whole, new LIGHT.

This invites you to Enter the Kingdom of the Divine Light, as you do automatically new healing will come making whole at massive new levels, shining deeply, and bringing in the Light of Source so bright, you allow a new paradigm of physicality to emerge, allowing old genetic beliefs or denser vibrations to be released

Today Effortless sleep tonight while you connect with high self through the light language guided meditation while you boost your aura, light and love through this spiritual chakra connection

Channeled meditation with light language - Higher self-connection by encoded frequency

I was shown a golden sphere of holy fire glowing of light from the heart and flames of sacredness all around next to a crystal healing temple where you will be invited to reunite with aspects of your Soul and time you feel guided.

The Temple of the Anuhazi the angels of the civil guard of the God it will help you to clear and purify any aspect of the Soul their purpose includes guiding pathway of Ascension that leads into planetary Unification and warriors of the light

Greetings and blessing Speaking as one voice, we are a collective that vibrates in a 12 strand DNA and now your energy will receive an adjustment, we will ask you to take a deep breath and as you exhale, open the heart Recognize the raising consciousness in every breath full of life and filled with possibility. OBSERVE THE OLD ASPECT OF THE SELF ever-expanding yet whole; wise enough to know that there is plenty left to learn; be humble and happy as YOU grow. BE grateful for who you are and who you are becoming as the moments unfold. Commit to your self-practice self-love in this time of review and renewal and be devoted to uncovering the gems that are already here. Know you are enough and you have everything you need to get to where you want to be. As we ask you to breathe this light code as you gaze on the image, be infused with frequencies of peace and divine love to be a magnet for the experiences you most desire as your vibration shifts. Where you are heading is a reconstruction to peace. Be grateful for every gift that you’ve been given, have now, and have yet to receive as the sun shines bright so are you. Now as you breathe and received a waterfall of light state and received an adjustment on your energy to alchemize the soul You are an alchemist worthy enough to tune into the abundant nature of who you can be and what you can create.

In my time, we are water beings that communicate through the sound of Love. Our essence is healing. Imagine as if waves of liquid light slide all around you, moving and transforming it all.

Keep the objective of Freedom in heart, which requires the complete surrender of limitation. Sweet and bright blessings sent to you from our heart, with love Higher Self

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