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How we can hold peace with all the madness around?

In my universe is Spring! And gives me access to my peaceful soul!

How we can hold peace with all the madness around?

Create your peaceful sunshine bring light into your center and ease the flow

Before posting on Facebook, about the events unfolding globally, talking to friends about it, sharing common team's, speaking to our selves ...

Take deep breath and heart center and ask yourself what information you are sharing...

Some posts, conversations, videos can be equal to viruses, our words can be knives or on the other hand, our communication can up lift and encourage all of us to be in harmony.

Isn’t about what I say is about what I mean.

Everything we speak it is harmonic in nature...

Let's speaking from a place of integrity and Sovereignty.

Let's use this new unity consciousness high vibe and supporting each other.

It is ok to feel vulnerable no judgment we all have highs and lows but as a collective there is much information about the collective we can feel a little lost and be carried outside of our personal power.

Keep your space Sacred, in the light and flowing with dinive and also lets show respect for other sacred vessels around us, this is great opportunity for all of us to learn to be One.

Our power to influence anything that it's going on collectively exist in the quantum now and in the present moment.

And I said this with the most respected....We are waisting a lot of currency on possibilities flying around all of us trying to figure it out what may be....

However, it is in the present moment where the Alchemy of the light takes place.

Stay calm and present knowing a it is well.

If you need support to have sunshine in your universe meditation will be an soothing elixir to recharge with sparkling light

Archangels Healing Light Language Guided Meditation | Tune into the gentle relaxation

Love, light and heart blessing Grethel

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