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Light language Codes

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Morning beautiful Souls

This is how a heart in equilibrium looks to me. It looks like a machine technology that has gears that spin in all directions

Shattering light that has a sound ( inaudible ) however we can hear our heartbeat and let’s say dis a heartbeat of your soul and it creates certain symphony

My symphony is call energy signature and represents how my energy feels like, my energy that in metaphor is a song of my soul will send a signal to the universe and will blend with other people songs.

Now is I forgot to listen to my sound I will be listen to other’s sound and when that happened we lose our center.

My center is in my heart for others it can be the third eye, the plexus, etc.

Today I invite to to explore where is your center on this guided light language meditation journeying through your energy signature.

Energy Signature #Activation #Light Language

✨Shed a light ✨

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