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Meditation is the simplest tool to know the self

Only when I truly know myself,  I fully know where My Light is, in relationship with someone else’s Light.

I can only see others through my own wisdom or ignorance and likewise others can define me but to define myself is my Choice.

I have learned that as a metaphor of how the sun can not see its own light but instead gaze all around its own dazzling reflections

The mirror effect give us the opportunity to see ourselves from other eyes and different voices from the perspective of the One.

From the perspective of One as I am I only see what is in front of my eyes to observe and I imagine how my back is however the more I go into my own deeps listening with open heart to my shadow’s voices, the courage to feel my feelings and give fully voice to my own thinking the more all gets clear as Crystalline glass.

The veils of illusion gently expanded my awareness and I can organically discern what is my responsibility to rectify from the energy I bring in to my day and let others to address its life in its own rightful way.

To influence someone to do or be please me, feel’s trying to control someone else’s choice to define the self.

I Choice to be aware about the energy I put into my day my to take and what I bring into life is my Free will.

Meditation is an intimate way to learn to listen and be with my energy and rectify to shift into the level higher self and I are one.

Today I am present in my own feet!

2 Hours of Pure Light Language Galactic | Deep LovingSleep Soothing |  Lenguaje de la Luz Galáctico

Shed a light

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