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✨Shift in to Source field around you Now✨


When the path seems difficult we attempt to push harder and wait for our energy

When the oath seems difficult and we decided to emerge with faith and hope, The spirit within you grows wider

Let’s relax on the Knowledge that all is working out for us in every experience

If you need healing today don’t let yourself to be in the dark, shed a light

Sharing a guided meditation with an angel for support to reconnect with the light and gently relax in prayer to honor the light

We are here as guides and mentors to draw a path, not to spirituality we already are on it but to honor the journey and in the acknowledgment, on it, Source double in the greatest amount the peacefulness and blessings

For us to hold the space in the most unique way that our soul requires to glow as earth angel through the language of the light sharing angelic frequencies that find a match with your present moment to shift into Divine holiness as our Divine Source within

Blessings beloved

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