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Twin flame drawing ~ Abundant love ♥️

Twin flame drawing ~ Abundant love

High love greetings,

Today we come in waves of high love because love is the natural expression of any soul on the journey back home. We can say that God is unconditional love in motion that vibrates creating frequencies.

Those frequencies of love or lack of love create duality in which a fragment of the soul reflects itself in another soul mate to see how it shines.

When a fragment of a soul in separation finds a soul mate, it is as if the desert is filled with infinite water on the broken lips that will heal when kissing in the light and taking care of itself with all its love.

When love is abundant, the soul is prosperous and that is the best LOVING exchange that any being could give himself and another soul mate.

We can say that the abundance in love is not quantified, it is only vibrated in the high frequency of the language of light.

The language of love is the language of light, light waves in motion of the god of each fragment that emanates frequencies, those frequencies have movements when exploring the universe.

When the language of light vibrates in love as it moves it creates a song the song of the soul that can sound with the ommmm or with an orchestra in the vibrant heart full of God.

Abundance is not a physical condition. It is not a state of affairs. It is not wealth, assets, money, or a social status, in a fountain of an exquisite elixir that runs through your sacred and vibrant body.

There is no condition, object or situation that can give you the feeling of abundance like that given by love that runs through you like electricity in your body inviting you to love.

disintegrating your soul to re-integrate it into a new fragment, one that reflects more the god within.

and yes, abundance is the feeling of love.

It's that easy. If you love you feel abundant, then you are. You are filled with that magic by whispering with stars that merge into the sun and the moon, melting into a single abundant frequency, feeling fuller, nourished and more complete than love.

It doesn't even matter what kind of love it is: someone's romantic love, love from family or friends, love for art, love for your job or a hobby.

The person, the couple, the family, art, work are just things without the love that exists, not in things, but in you, you make your soul fill with vibrant colors when there is love and rejoice merging in the sun and the moon.

Let's talk about the lights that your heart emanates when love vibrates in its maximum expression and this day we invite you to love.

Love that begins in you and that attracts reflections, a fragment of soul that vibrates at the same frequency as the love that you provide yourself.

Love is not judged or conditioned, it is only given, when it is born as an emanation from your god and greeting the god from where it is delivered.

more than any human explanation of when or how to deliver is love

Like the fact that color is an attribute of light and not the flower that reflects that light. So abundance is not a quality of your possessions or a condition of your finances. It is the nature of your own being.

Let the light of your love shine on everything you see. And you will never know a lean day in your life again.

When love is given unconditionally, the fragment of the soul becomes infinity and space that becomes the most exquisite expansion of the soul in separation.

The sacred union between two fragments is a prayer to God on the map of passion and where every night the fragment of the soul becomes eternal lights in the firmament where they swear holy love by honoring themselves, respecting themselves and allowing themselves to be transparent in love.

The magic carpet that flies in the dreams that are built in agreements and contracts where the camaraderie of the souls becomes an accompaniment as guardians who take care of themselves and protect themselves at the celestial level.

The soul fragment commonly called the twin flame is a type of connection that goes beyond a lifetime.

The heart vibrates in love that exchanges a breath of light, a flashing smiley in divine union that can be physical or only activated through the spirit.

That connection goes beyond physical love because these couples touch their souls without touching their bodies only when they vibrate in unconditional love.

Sometimes these loves are only platonic, fraternal and on other occasions they vibrate in the fire of the most ardent passion and the only difference is the agreement that that couple has wanted to have.

There are times when the couple becomes a group and when this is the case, it is because they want to evolve in a limited way and they have allowed themselves to collide with more than one fragment.

Sometimes the reason behind evolution is to clean the karma of the group and the mission is and will always be to love unconditionally.

The soul group always appreciates the immense amount of healing that two or more fragments in union choose to exchange in the art of love.

This couple has more than 300 lives where love has been exchanged at different levels and on different planes. where today there will be a new path in love with the commitment to give the best in the art of abundant love.

I update the contract and it only remains to let the divine order intervene in favor of the loving travelers and for the highest good, and so be it.

Love, light and Blessings

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