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Atlantis light language, personalized art and twin flame meditation

I am sharing an image that is as if we could take a photo of what happens in the astral world. In this case that is my gift, I channel it and my third eye opens completely and then I do my best to draw it for you.

In the realm of spiritual exploration, we are often drawn to unique and transformative experiences that connect us to our deeper selves and our past lives.

Today, we embark on a journey through Atlantis in the astral world that is imprinted on this personalized image of the twin flames of the language of light, guided by the wisdom and inspiration it reveals.

This code is transmitting the resonance of past lives, predominantly in Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia. It invites us to explore the cosmic dance of twin flames and the echoes of a bygone era.

Let's delve into the intricate details of custom art, where each stroke and symbol whispers stories of ancient civilizations and celestial connections.

The canvas unfolds, revealing the descendants of giants, celestial beings who graced the Earth as superheroes.

For many, including me, the narrative transcends time and takes us into the vibrant tapestry of Atlantis. This Atlantis appears very organic, elemental, familiar, loving, which is not very common. However, I think the guides wanted to show beautiful love.

This code beautifully captures the essence of the twin flame connection found in the astral. In my case, it reflects a harmonious dance with a partner whose feminine energy is not only developed but also exquisitely balanced.

This divine union resonates with the intricate threads of a strong mental feminine lineage, fostering communities infused with love and togetherness.

Atlantis unfolds before our eyes, a utopia full of organic beauty and community life. The narrative paints a picture of a society deeply connected to the elements of the earth: a crystalline world where families thrive in unity.

The vibrational frequencies of innocence and pure love permeate the atmosphere, inviting us to invite these aspects into our present reality.

To further enrich our spiritual journey, through these codes the recommendation is to

imagine yourself there while you meditate. I share with you a transformative meditation in light language. This guided experience serves as a portal that allows us to tune into the frequency of romantic love. Click here to embark on this soulful exploration and activate the essence of love within.

Affirmations of love and romance: nourish the soul and can be mixed with the light codes so today you can use this meditation to activate yourself. Accept these words as mantras, allowing them to resonate and lift your spirit on this profound journey.

With gratitude and love, let us heed the call of divine love and navigate the cosmic dance that awaits us.

With love,


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So powerful; yet gentle, loving and awesome!


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Ark1 1
Jan 19

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