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Whare is my Twin Flame?

"Where is my Twin Flame?" the client asked during a channeling. The Higher Self replied, "It is within you and reflected outside of you."

"That is not helpful!" the client responded.

The Higher Self replied, "You are your Highest Soulmate! The Mission is to Love.

Love it is the Destination.

Love it is the tool, the way and all it is need it.

Love it is you...and us and all that it is.

love it is all.

How you love is your choice.

Therefore, your beloved is an adventure to Master Love.

To learn to Love,

To be loved,

To love...

Your beloved companion Divinely reflects,

your encoded way to Love."

Be Love,

Become love

That it is from our perspective the onyl way.

the highest outcome for all.

Isn't simple? Higher Self asked...

After that Light Language flow, images of the light codes in our heart blisfully was exhanged between guides and Us.

Client has no further questions,

Our Heart was so open... it was a sense between crying of joy and feeling calmed.

Something inside of us was answered and all felt complete.

I must said the trend that I find in twin flame session it is the expectation to agree to Love.

Afterward, the emphasis was on the importance of unconditional love and how much we condition ourselves to love.

"Now that we are redefining Love, let's elevate it!"

all my love, Grethel

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