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Silver Ray spirit guide drawing

this Soul drawing Shows up connection with Antares, zeta, Orion, Avalon, Atlantis,Arcturus, Sirius and pleiades

this pearl ray is a new expression for humanity it represents the silver ray and the pink ray As a fusion represenration of this new archeotypes for humanity. this drawing evoke the mermaid goddess as new expression for Divine

My drawing of the light - breaking down the barriers of the heartPerl ray codes of light Dear pearl of silver light I have come today in the name of Akiva, representing with the mighty radiance of the pearly light of the heart to demolish the bars that have prevented you from shining like the most precious treasure of the ocean of the soul of the angelic gentleness of your being. I belong to the pearl ray, and we are angels of the galaxy who adore the father. We are part of the feminine version of God the Father, who is the Divine Mother. We are a combination between the white ray of the purity of God and the Silver ray reflective energy of the sun (Light of God), reactivation of the feminine aspect, justice, and purity. The silver ray is used to balance the feminine energy in a person because silver embodies the feminine aspect of the source. As infused into the body, this ray adds feminine energy, which helps balance your vehicle. These energies of this drawing serve to bring to light things buried for a long time, and it is the ideal moment to clean the connection with the ancestors and recalibrate the essence of being to elevate the experience and help us to sit with ourselves and be patient with the process to meet our true essence in the light. let the whole thing go soft The job of these energies is to bring to light places within society, the collective, and any part of ourselves that can fracture for healing and wholeness and make room to shine with a brighter light. is time to be kind and gentle and relax during the transformation It is only with you in every moment in the best way you can remember that this coming energy is an opportunity for deeper healing and the transmutation of planetary energies that can be seen as the harmony between the old and the new, the control and the freedom. allowing us to expand the heart In addition, the energy is revolutionary at the level of the soul family that is activated with this drawing, which also brings with it an energy of romance and rekindled friendships, inviting us to see who we really are through the mirror of the couple and how we want to live as One, being a team and being a community that supports each other and walks together, growing and evolving. shines like the pearl that represents a gentle beauty that heals through the high love of your heart Open up, knock down the bars and let them go so that you find the most precious treasure in you, radiating loving light. learn to let things go my pearly bright light and flow with the ocean of your heart with gentle love, Akiva

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