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Spirit guide Drawing

My Guide Drawing

New Beginnings


Let's connect into the light of your Heart Matching the zero point field of Source and release any perceived limitation. Integrate the codes of light assisting you to flow.

I am the blue of the light, infinity turquoise Feel one with the light....

Connection with the Divine Self, the Higher Self, the Divine essence of your being, and the source of all Light and life within you.

Step into the vortex to manifest new beginnings and at the same time take away and release any lower frequencies.

Begin to feel one with Love

Disengage outside of your dear one and step into the vortex of source . Feel as if you are Source, internally and externally.

When you're willing to clear and release what is no longer serving you now. You can create fertile ground and space in your life for the most vibrant possibilities to line up for you.

Begin to feel one with the almighty

The omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Bringing in the light that is you that is the eternal, infinite being of love and wisdom.

Feel one with Source Now.....

Allow yourself to flow, to expand, to grow and recognize the almighty within you. Recognize your vastness, your true essence, the angelic frequencies within you and the galaxy within.

Big opportunities for major transformation, change, and growth is wide open.

Begin to feel one with the Universe.

Now, listen to you and your heart. Welcome the signs. Spirit is supporting you; streaming pure source consciousness and New Beginnings.

Stay present and centered to allow Divine Light to reveal the highest trajectory and possibilities for you.

Welcome the light!!!

While the codes of light are energetic points of completion... Endings are always connected to new beginnings.

Begin to feel one with the Light......

Center yourself as Soul Human and Spirit and Divine being of light.

Now, create and rewire yourself into the almighty.

Wake up your Divine CREATOR!!!!

Happy new beginnings and gateways of the Heart!!!!

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