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The sun is shining and so are you, Sun light Codes

There's a lot going on inside of you.

⁠⁠Make sure you take that into consideration of yourself on top of all going on around and honor your own space

You'll get to where you want to be one step at a time.⁠⁠

At this time we are receiving an increase of solar codes and this is an element of great transformation, with a different flow.

It feels the energies from the sun blossom, so it’s time to prepare yourself as you prepare for a new beginnings.

As with all cycles, this too shall pass.

If you're struggling with emotions since cancer influence is very moody right now, I invite you to listen the Light Language guided 7 sofleggio healing music that I've made for you (linked below).

May the light uplift your day! Pass it on!

With Love Grethel

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