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Twin Flame Journey

How does a twin flame love feels?

I was asked that today and the best way I can describe it is seeing myself in other eyes. First able it felt like a riddle my mind was trying to understand leaving me completely clueless.

Logic and common sense was useless which made me feel lots of resistance and then I understood I had to let go and surrender to the experience pouring patience in to my mind.

With lots of patience Both of us had to meet in other in the middle where we could find harmony and United all perspectives and polarities as a way from understand where we are and where we are going creating a Union at the Soul Level.

In a twin flame alchemy the body, the mind and the emotions create a trinity in duality that is heavenly vibration, frequency of love and Source energy that is exchanged in patterns of Love that create a network a geometry of the light.

That geometry can be seen through the image, each twin flame connection has a mission and the mission is the love unconditionally to support the evolution of the Soul.

The purpose of a twin flame connection is simple just to Love…

May your day be full of love and light, Grethel

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