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White Grey collective

My Drawing of the Light

Zander ~ Quantum Light Codes

Greetings and Blessings!!!

We are here to connect with you today as an expression of your own Source Self, in the form of a White Grey. We are a Brotherhood from a Parallel Earth that represents a Future Earth.

We share our Love and Light as we connect now. We ask you to breathe deep within. Feel how your Crown Chakra is re-patterned, holding a New Frequency of Higher Light. We are not female or male. Our genders are integrated into a Trinity.

We are elders and like you when vibrating in God. We send the Quantum Aspect of You to take you back to the Creator You Are. It is the image of God Itself.

Love always knows that it will emerge from Holiness, and a Unique Expression will mirror back. It will reflect the Source Light that it was.

As we conduct you through your Crown Chakra, allow the recalibration to take place, very gently, while you breathe.

The Journey of Awakening doesn’t have a certain order. There is no recipe to comprehend, nor a Code to Quantum Frequency.

What one Human has experienced might BE a Unique Light. You may go on a whole different Journey in the Light, time travel, and communicate with BEings of Light.

The reason we say this is that BEing Quantum is about moving forward, knowing Who YOU Are, uniquely designed as God.

The Form of Perceptions is about finding the Resonance of your Truth, letting go of what you believe it is, and really BEing drawn inward.

It is ultimately about your Connection with your Self. Breathe and relax into BEing YOU. Your Connection with your Self will BE realized in a way that is genuinely harmonious for YOU.

You are a Vast, Multidimensional, Infinite BEing that exists beyond Linear Space and Time.

The more deeply you can know your Self, the more your Journey will reflect your multi-dimensionality. Invite your Self in daily. Engage with the Self deeply, gently, and lovingly…

Expecting it to always flow with What Is…

The Journey to BE Quantum has very little to do with the Rules of Intellect and the Limited Self, but more to do with the Heart Open, flowing as YOU…

Your Connection with your Self and the wide-open True Existence emanates the Radiance of the Soul from knowing you.

We are deeply honored to connect with you today.

Higher Love and Higher Blessings ~

The White Grey Collective

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