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Your internal guidance system speaks through emotions.Are you listening?

Emotions are codes that program the energetic vibration and it has already been proven by scientists that we are energy and everything is a cause and effect between vibration and frequency.

These emocion are codes of light or distortion that filter the divine energy of the spirit through humanity.

Have you ever been in a fight, scared, or stressed and followed by the uncomfortable episode a pain in the head or discomfort is noticeably visible in the body?

This is what happens on an energetic level, thanks to the fact that my third eye opens, I can observe and learn how energy is conducted. Some time ago a client sent me a very kindly written email, however he was full of anger.

Without reading the content, from the notification black arms came out of the phone, the anger got to me and it bothered me too. emotions carry seeds of light or darkness which multiply between each interaction.

So? Cleanse my aura by invoking light, breathe and focus on my heart. I asked for guidance from my higher self who is my best friend and so I stayed silent in my mind waiting for guidance and to discern what to do.

Then my intuition tells me-You don't know that he brings the person, what is happening to him and what he is not telling you! I understood that there was no need to feel upset because it had nothing to do with me. I took my time to read the content from the best part that I can do, in my heart.

Gently, towards my perception and to be able to invoke wisdom when responding by detaching myself from any attachment to any trauma and from the part of me that is wise, divine and with the ability to understand that we can all have 5 minutes of not being in the center and it's okay! it is valid.

We are human and every emotion is valid, even those that come from fear, when those emotions that represent a challenge come and the energy flow is restricted, a blockage is created. At the auric level when that happens it is as if the light is cut off from the source of life and it dies looking for where to steal light to continue existing... The darkness reacts in survival mode.

The light speaks to your heart, your instincts, the ability to be the space where love, peace, patience and wisdom flow through you in the best possible way. Daily meditation helps you create the space where in the darkest moments the heart whispers "It will be alright", "Everything is alright, just stay in your light".

The language of light works at a subconscious and conscious level, which makes it a super powerful and relaxing healing technique.

today give yourself time to meditate and naturally stay in your light, full of light, shining like a star in the firmament.

Powerful Chakras Healing Sacral light Language Guided Meditation I Realign your Creation Center

Shed a light

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