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21 Friday July, A cosmis Dance between the sun, the nodes and pluto Energy forecast

21 Friday July, A cosmis Dance between the sun, the nodes and pluto. They invite us to look inside again. It is a week of beginnings and where new solutions are seen. Let's understand that the best thing is to take responsibility for what we live.

Regenerating and transforming yourself from the inside will be a great step towards spiritual growth and development.

It must come from the heart, how you feel and what you need, learn to love yourself! To speak, to see, to feel, not from the head or from the heart.

You have to learn to travel light so it's time to set yourself free! When you forgive, you grow and learn mentally, physically, and spiritually. Getting in alignment with the Universe.

Today we invite you to use this code and the suggested meditation so that you shine as a source for your highest and greatest good and so be it.

12-12 Light Language I 12-12 Meditation & Activation Recharging From Source

Shed a light


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