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✨5 Ways to Get Outside More✨

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Spending time outdoors feels sooo healing... especially in green spaces I can feel the purity as I breath life force and is one of the fastest ways to improve health and happiness. ... 😊

Today don’t forget to reconnect with nature in whatever way you can and release the stress allowing your body to purify as you breath abs invite more life force inviting healing to come.

5 Ways to Get Outside More

~🌷 Make it a priority to reconnect and ground First things first. ... Ser your intuitions

~🌷Try a morning walk, Sun gaze breathing exercises or meditation If you're anything like me, then mornings are the ritual to reconnect with in all you need. ...

~🌷Drink your morning beverage charge with incondicional love outside. ...

~🌷Take your meetings outside. ...

~🌷Take your midday breaks outdoors.

~ 🌷. Take time to meditate today and ask our Grabd Mother Gaia to source all you need in whatever way you are meant to receive it and for the highest good of all

~🌷Shed your light but in order to shine bright and glow enormously find your center first and self love from my perspective it is key I share a soothing meditation that will help you to restore all and reconnect to the core of our Mother Gaia

~🌷Warming and loving huge Grethel 💜

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