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6 dimensional Andromedan guide

My Drawing of the LightAndromeda for Lindsay Renewal Codes of Light Greetings from the Higher Self Collective ~ I AM Nembus. Where I come from, we are made of Light. We are Shape Shifters and genderless. However, I do prefer the Divine Feminine, and in that form I show myself today. I want you to see that the LIGHT IN ME IS THE LIGHT IN YOU. We are honored and pleased to share Light with you. As you relax with us, while you consciously breathe, step into this message with Compassion and Acceptance, allowing yourself to Rebirth with ease and grace. Breathe into your Heart Space and expand it instantly with Renewal Frequencies and Light Codes from the Higher Self Collective. The Renewal of the Soul is a mile-marker on the Soul’s Journey into dwelling in an enormous Influx of Light, finding Inner Peace, and Soul Connection. This is achieved by collectively facing our own duality, integrating all parts of the Self and all that’s hidden in the Fragmented Soul Aspects, and hidden beneath the Unconscious Mentality... Renewal and Awakening to your Soul’s Journey on this Earth is the Collective Renewal now. This is a massive moment in action. The Renewal of the Soul is one of the most demanding moments on the Path, but it can also be fundamental for the Soul’s Purpose. When the Soul lets go of what is no longer physically serving it, it strips away all that baggage and heaviness. This is happening on a Global Level and Individually as well. This Collective Renewal of the Soul precedes a Resurrection and New Opening for society to BE transformed. We would like to gently remind you to always go back to your Heart and reach for that Higher Self Energy or Entity with whom you are merging to BE One. You and I have an opportunity now to BE of service. Heart Center yourself. BE at Peace to be able to step up and into the way to BE of service now, in the way that is right for you, whether that simply means holding the Field of Love through yourself and your Loved Ones, feeling the call to create solutions for Humanity, or BEing peacefully there for yourself and family, surrendering to what is... Fulfill your Lightwork in the way you feel guided by your Soul. Perhaps this is simply done by stepping up your Self-Love and Self-Care to begin. By increasing the care of yourself in this way, you reach a Higher Perspective, so that you can glow radiantly and flow with all you are fully integrating in your Soul. Remember that you’re made of Love, and it is written within your own Intuitive Voice where your Higher Self will guide you and support you. May the Frequency of Love, Light and Creation evolve with your Soul, as you are a Conduit of Life Force. Love, Light and Blessings.

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