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Abundance Codes

★𝐀𝐛𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐭 𝐂𝗼𝐝𝐞★

✨Morning heart leaders ✨

11 Abundance Codes my Gift to all of you✨🌟

You can share it with who you feel drawn to and for the o es the resonate I will be posting for 11 days Abundance codes for you to meditate and I will share the playlist of meditations you can do 1 daily is enough

As you visualize the code close your eyes and relax while my light language guide you through cleanse, elevate, relax and vibrates higher to match abundance Frequency

It is my desire that May money, health and all positive vibrations come your way.

Gold light follows you.

You are abundantly well and wealthy!!!

Light language tones will bring a feeling of happiness and healing with it.

Be joyful and confident there, while you manifest your desires.

🌟Sending love and blessings to all 🌟

One of the things that block abundance very often is being indecisive

Not know what you what send mixed signals to do universe and the energy had no focus or direction

So we manifest but with struggle....

Life is meant to be challenging yes because there is growth there but the limitations and struggle is our choice I believe

Set intentions about what you want but after that let what must be to be manifested, without forcing yourself t

Be confident about your choices and make them with for you

There is no wrong or right only flow our trying to control what we believe is best

So today I invite you to set your intentions and meditate with me using this abundance code

As is visualize in the abundant heart command your intentions

so be it let it be as you meditate letting the language of the light to lead you

you can find the meditation on my you tube channel

Pass the light!!!!


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Grethel C. Borrego
Grethel C. Borrego
Feb 04, 2021

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